Reduced Asian Flush When Drinking On An Empty Stomach


Contrary to common wisdom, a lot of people who suffer from alcohol flush reaction report experiencing less symptoms when drinking on an empty stomach.

People often refrain from eating or drinking anything other than water 4 to 5 hours before consuming alcohol.

Whilst common knowledge would tell us that this will get your drunk quicker, many people also report that their flushing is markedly reduced.

Please discuss your experiences with consuming alcohol in a semi fasted state and how this affected your Asian flush symptoms.


are you serious? i need to eat before i drink… surely having enough food in your stomach is going to be better than no food right?


Yeah, I usually eat before drinking because I thought that was best. But I’d be interested to see if my flushing is reduced if I drink on an empty stomach!


That’s what common sense would tell me too. I have tried drinking on an empty stomach before and it does help with flushing. I don’t know exactly why, perhaps it has something to do with food interactions that could potentially make flushing worse? Or maybe an empty stomach is more efficient at breaking down acetaldehyde.


It is difficult for me to understand. If I have eaten enough a few hours before, the symptoms are usually minor. But in reality it is different for me. There are days when I have the flush and I have to stop drinking, other days I can drink a lot without experiencing any symptoms and this doesn’t depend on how much I ate before.


This is exactly my experience!!! I am a Caucasian who experiences alcohol flush from time to time, but only when I binge drink after having a big meal! I have searched all over the Internet for someone with the same problem. I only get a red face when I eat alot and then drink…any thoughts if this is more of a bad alcohol/food reaction or is it just alcohol flush syndrome?