Pre-Drink to Avoid Asian Flush


The science behind this one is relatively unknown, at least according to my research. But the results are sufficiently notable to merit discussion.

Basically, if you flush once and wait for the symptoms to go away with time, the second drink will usually result in much less flushing.

A lot of people who use this method will commonly have a pre-drink & flush before leaving the house to go out.

Has anyone tried this? Or better yet, have a theory for why this happens?


Yeah this is what I do! it’s good, I always flush less after the first drink… my other friends who flush usually come over before we go out and we all pre-flush together …it’s actually fun. After the first flush has gone down i can usually keep drinking all night with a slight rosiness… as long as I don’t start smashing shots or something lol :wink:


i do this too, almost religiously. does anyone know why this helps reduce the asian flush so well?


Never tried, although I have noticed that drinking more slowly can keep the alcohol flush under control. I think it has something to do with allowing the liver enough time to break down the acetaldehyde from the alcohol - I guess also not letting the liver get too bombarded by the acetaldehyde build up helps too.

I wonder if this pre-drink has something to do with histamine release? I say this because when the body reacts to the acetaldehyde build up it activates mast cells that release histamine and cause the flush reaction… so maybe once it has released histamine once, perhaps there is less histamine to release when you have your second drink after the flushing has subsided…

Just a guess, maybe someone can correct me on this?


Not sure on that, but a single ‘pre-drink’ isn’t enough to stop me flushing. Once I start drinking there’s rarely a reason to stop (unless there’s photographs being taken…!)


yeah if I’m on a night out or drinking socially, it’s usually kind of weird to have one drink and then stop for a period. I could see this sort of working though, maybe just because it’s not overloading the body too fast with a flood of toxic alcohol that (because I flush) it already can’t process very well!


Cool idea, never heard of this before! Lately I’ve just been avoiding drinking because my flushing gets too embarrassing, but this could be worth a try…!


I do this too. There’s a bit of an art to figuring out exactly how much you need to drink to go red in the face, but not too much such that the redness stays forever! Basically you want to have enough to go red and have it go back to normal within 20 to 30 minutes. The amount of alcohol needed to do this will be different from person to person I guess, so a little experimentation might be necessary to figure out what is right for you. But when you get it right you will notice a big difference in redness from any drinks you have after the pre-drink!