Avoiding Food Preservative E211


E211, or Sodium benzoate, occurs naturally in berries such as cranberry and bilberry, seafood such as prawns, and dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt.

It is also commonly found in a lot of soft drinks used as drink mixers.

Many people report experiencing much stronger flush reactions after consuming food or drink containing E211.

Please discuss any experiences with restricting E211 intake and its effect on the severity of your Asian flush symptoms.


interesting to see that sodium benzoate occurs naturally in a lot of dairy products. my father, who also gets bad asian flush, said to me that when he quit eating dairy products he also noticed that his flushing was a lot better. not only the red face, but also the other symptoms like rapid heart beat, difficulty breathing, headache, etc, etc.

i like cheese too much to quit dairy though! :slight_smile: but I could be swayed if it helps stop the alcohol flushing. does anyone do this??


I have never tried this, but I can attest to flushing worse after some meals compared to others. I think it might be interesting to test it out just after consuming some dairy. I’ll report back to see if there was any effect.