Asian Flush Make Up Tips To Reduce Flushing


I have recently been using green tinted makeup to mask my alcohol flushing. It’s actually worth trying if you’re someone who likes to wear makeup. Apparently it has something to do with ‘colour correction’ (that’s makeup lingo), where the green colour works to offset the redness.


That’s basically the logic explained in a pretty neat diagram.

Anyone else using this method?


Yeah I’ve heard of this. My girlfriend basically swears by it. The green tint offsets the redness from the Asian flush pretty well. I can definitely tell when she’s wearing her green tinted foundation and when she’s not though. You can see the difference in the skin tone. Perhaps not such a big deal when you’re in a dark night club but definitely something to be aware of during the day time or in well lit spaces. I think she’s onto a green tinted cream now, apparently it is a lot less visible and still works as well.


I saw a decent video about this the other day. I’m from Korea and it is not that uncommon for guys to wear makeup (I know that might sound strange to some!) :slight_smile:

Here’s the vid, I think she does a good job of tailoring makeup advice specifically for people with Asian flush and even references that colour correction wheel somewhere in there too:


Wait… You’re a guy and you wear makeup? Do you also wear short shorts and carry a Chihuahua in your handbag?


Like I said, it’s probably strange for you westerners. No need to be so mucho man about it though, you should give it a try.


Yeesh, judgemental much?

It’s not as strange as you’d think in different parts of the world, see

But I look at it like this; flushing is a bigger problem for me, more than social stigmas and the opinions of some ‘bro’ who doesn’t know me. Most the guys I know would either not care if they noticed me wearing make-up, or would ask why I’m using it and likely give it a try themselves if they flush when drinking and it could help!


This is absolutely true! I’ve always been interested in makeup but didn’t realise it could help with my flushing until I started drinking. Anything green-tinted (concealer/foundation/cream) is perfect to correct red flushed cheeks. Also if you flush on your neck and shoulders like me, it even works there, too. Just make sure to set the makeup properly so it doesn’t rub off on your clothes.


I have also had great success with green tinted moisturizers. It doesn’t take much to offset the redness and you can also find some moisturizers that have anti-inflammatory compounds in it to reduce the swelling around the eyes and cheeks that normally accompanies the redness.

I also make sure to keep some anti-redness eye drops with me when i’m out drinking. With tinted moisturizer and the right supplements I can get rid of the facial redness and other unpleasant symptoms, but my eyes seem to stay a little bloodshot. A few drops in each eye can make a big difference!


Let’s remember that it might be smart to accompany any kind of topical solution to Asian flush with a complimentary way of reducing the acetaldehyde from alcohol. Refer to our thread about Asian flush and cancer - people with ALDH2 deficiency are at a much higher risk of certain cancers because of acetaldehyde exposure - so whilst these creams and makeup tricks might work wonders for the flushing, it might be smart to also consider addressing the acetaldehyde exposure with supplements that boost the body’s glutathione levels.