Any white people with alcohol flush reaction?


Hi guys,
Thanks a lot for sharing your stories and many interesting articles, just thought of sharing mine too.

I am from southern Europe and in my late 20s and no Asian descendants that we are aware of. I have been drinking since 14/15 I guess but the last 2 years I have been cutting down a lot until I finally decided to quit completely before the summer. As many of you, I also get a very red face while drinking but these last two years have also brought headaches while drinking (not the day after) and very bad stomach pain and in few occasions also led to diarrhea. I should also add that I did get tipsy in many occasions but probably only couple of times actually drunk, although the quantity of ingested alcohol have been quite important. So I decided to get checked for allergies and my general practitioner said that the results showed intolerance to alcohol but I never investigated further and just accepted the fact that I should not be drinking, not difficult given all the negative effects I was experiencing. Until today when I happened to speak with a friend from Scandinavia who has the same symptoms, also in her late 20s and developed it in recent years.
I will get checked again now that I feel like I know a bit more on the matter and will share the response. In the meantime thank you again for sharing


Hi everyone! 25 y/o female here. Started for me about 8 months ago (I think) and has been sporadic. Tends to happen with dark liquor or wine. I read a study that broke down acetaldehyde levels in different alcohols and saw that gin/vodka (and some beers) are among the lowest so I’ve been exclusively sticking to that. I am a fairly heavy weekend drinker and I really enjoy the social aspect of it so all of this has been pretty upsetting to me. When I research it too much I borderline have a panic attack about all the increased esophageal/neck/head cancer risks, so I’m really glad I found this forum to somewhat ease my anxieties and not make me feel so alone in this. The lack of concrete information online is super frustrating. Anyways, just wanted to give my two cents and say thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences


Hi all, I too occasionally suffer from a similar issue. I’m a 24 y/o Caucasian male. I used to never have this issue so I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around possible variables that may have effected this if any ( diet, exercise, etc) I enjoy drinking socially on business trips / weekends with friends. I very much think it’s dependent on what type of alcohol I drink. If it’s champagne or shots forget about it, leave me at home I’ll be too red and embarrassed as well as feeling like junk to go anywhere. Beer/ seltzer or wine however, give me the whole case ill be fine till the end of the night then maybe I’ll get a little red. I’ve tried taking Pepcid, Zantac in the past. I believe it worked okay but ultimately gave it up due too Health concerns. Does anyone have experience with sunset or similar product ?


An interesting update. My brother who also flushes when drinking alcohol did a 23andme test and has two normal copies of the gene for alcohol processing. So it’s 100% possible to flush while drinking alcohol and not have the typical genetic ‘Asian flush syndrome’


Hi, all. I am a 54 y/o Caucasian female. I drank quite a lot in my 20s and 30s and drank beyond that, too, but for many years now I only drink occasionally. I don’t ever recall flushing… It’s possible I did sometimes? About 5-6 years ago now I was up at a cabin on New Year’s Eve. I’d been standing next to a large fireplace (and also drinking). When I got home I noticed a very red forehead that stayed flushed for days. The doctor said it was likely linked to standing by the warm fire and could be related to rosacea which I seem to have some of that, too. In reading these comments I’m wondering if there may also be an alcohol link. This background may be TOTALLY unrelated to what you are discussing here. But ultimately the diagnosis became an autoimmune condition related to hair loss, which also causes redness of the forehead in some people. …Fast forward, I am cancer free 2.5 years now. I have never smoked and got tongue cancer. They say it’s rare, though on the rise among nonsmokers. A good friend of mine who also drinks was just diagnosed with a cancer on his tongue last month. I wanted to get tested for this ALDH2 deficiency, but my doctor said they don’t offer that test. I feel like if I got the genetic test from 23andme or some other company I may not trust the result. I also wonder if there may be some other genetic mutation, as yet undiscovered, that applies to Caucasians?? But, of course, anything is possible. …I’ll note that I’m not sure if I gradually may also have become a person who flushes now that I’m older because I rarely drink. … Also, interesting comments about cutting out fermented foods. Over here in the U.S. we talk a lot about “leaky gut,” and how we need probiotics and fermented foods to help heal our guts. …My other thought is, has this later-in-life-flushing always been a thing? Or, could this somehow be related to pesticides? That might sound like a whacky thought, but it’s another factor that could chip away at our bodies. … So many unknowns. Just realize risk can mean a very tiny increase in your chance at developing a cancer. But since I’ve already had one, I’m trying to be extra cautious. .,…thanks for all the good information and studies!



This is has been very interesting and relieving to read knowing I am not the only Caucasian with the same reaction. Like everyone sharing the same sentiment I always thought I just had the Asian Enzeme deficiency while oddly not being Asian. I am really curious to find out if it is indeed a different underlying issue that causes the same effect in white males.
I have noticed in my case that it doesn’t happen every time and I have never been able to identify the reason why it happens and doesn’t (lifestyle, food consumption, and time of day). It seems to happen mostly if I reframe from drinking for a week or more. Mine gets red and hot in the face and neck but goes away within 20-30 minutes. During an episode I can continue drinking as normal with no problem.
Health wise I am in great shape and weight but do suffer from high blood pressure on occasion. I have been test when I haven’t drank in 2-3 week with still having blood pressure and sometimes when I have drank multiples in the week not had high blood pressure. Anyway I would like to hear any one else’s thought with similar symptoms.


Hello eveyone,
I am a 30 year old female who is mixed, black and white, and I have been experiencing the flush while drinking for as long as I can remember. I have always known about the Asian Flush but didn’t know about the science behind it until recently. I never thought anything of the flush, but recently I’ve started to notice (after my white aunt said it was happening to her) that when I drink my sinuses get very inflamed and I will be congested until the next day. I haven’t tested this with many types of alcohol yet, but red wine is definitely the worst for me. My aunt says that she thinks it’s the sugars because she is not as congested with wines that have less suagar, but I’m not sure that’s the case as I can eat candy with no issues. I also still have as much acne as a teenager so not sure if that is related to alcohol or some other allergy. But just in my recent observations I did have a White Claw (hard seltzer) yesterday and barely noticed any flushing or sinus issues. I am going to try eliminating alcohol in general for a month to cleanse my system and then will start reintroducing different types of alcohol and note my reactions. I saw a commercial recently for a Food Sensitivity Test by EverylyWell. Has anyone taken this test? I know it won’t be 100% accurate but figured it would at least give me some insight if I am sensitive to another ingredient in alcohol.