Any white people with alcohol flush reaction?


Hi guys,
Thanks a lot for sharing your stories and many interesting articles, just thought of sharing mine too.

I am from southern Europe and in my late 20s and no Asian descendants that we are aware of. I have been drinking since 14/15 I guess but the last 2 years I have been cutting down a lot until I finally decided to quit completely before the summer. As many of you, I also get a very red face while drinking but these last two years have also brought headaches while drinking (not the day after) and very bad stomach pain and in few occasions also led to diarrhea. I should also add that I did get tipsy in many occasions but probably only couple of times actually drunk, although the quantity of ingested alcohol have been quite important. So I decided to get checked for allergies and my general practitioner said that the results showed intolerance to alcohol but I never investigated further and just accepted the fact that I should not be drinking, not difficult given all the negative effects I was experiencing. Until today when I happened to speak with a friend from Scandinavia who has the same symptoms, also in her late 20s and developed it in recent years.
I will get checked again now that I feel like I know a bit more on the matter and will share the response. In the meantime thank you again for sharing


Hi everyone! 25 y/o female here. Started for me about 8 months ago (I think) and has been sporadic. Tends to happen with dark liquor or wine. I read a study that broke down acetaldehyde levels in different alcohols and saw that gin/vodka (and some beers) are among the lowest so I’ve been exclusively sticking to that. I am a fairly heavy weekend drinker and I really enjoy the social aspect of it so all of this has been pretty upsetting to me. When I research it too much I borderline have a panic attack about all the increased esophageal/neck/head cancer risks, so I’m really glad I found this forum to somewhat ease my anxieties and not make me feel so alone in this. The lack of concrete information online is super frustrating. Anyways, just wanted to give my two cents and say thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences


Hi all, I too occasionally suffer from a similar issue. I’m a 24 y/o Caucasian male. I used to never have this issue so I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around possible variables that may have effected this if any ( diet, exercise, etc) I enjoy drinking socially on business trips / weekends with friends. I very much think it’s dependent on what type of alcohol I drink. If it’s champagne or shots forget about it, leave me at home I’ll be too red and embarrassed as well as feeling like junk to go anywhere. Beer/ seltzer or wine however, give me the whole case ill be fine till the end of the night then maybe I’ll get a little red. I’ve tried taking Pepcid, Zantac in the past. I believe it worked okay but ultimately gave it up due too Health concerns. Does anyone have experience with sunset or similar product ?